Slight post about the bathroom ordinance


I really haven’t said much about the issue. Cause I really haven’t had to. . Most people I talk to seem to actually have enough sense to not blindly follow this situation. .. when’s the last time you heard of someone actually be discriminated against in the bathrooms?  It’s crazy to me that we gotta make laws to suit mentally unstable people, who choose to deny what science clearly shows to be a fact.  Whether you are male or female. . Your DNA tells you.  Your body parts tell you. Only in 2015 do you get to make up a choice of what you want to be.

I mean look at me.  If I told you I was convinced that I was a lion,  you would think I was crazy and had mental issues. . *Because I’m clearly an adult brown man.  But if I told you I was convinced I was a woman, the left would be standing proudly behind me. Cheering me on.  Obama would call my phone and congratulate me on my bravery.  I’d get more air time on espn that the#1 draft pick the same day and night of the draft.
I’d be a hero..

1 of my main beefs with the lgbt push they have in our government and media is  they really aren’t down with voting. . Cause most people wouldn’t fall into their hypocrisy. ..
They use guilt trip tactics to try and get you to go along with it..using frases like “love wins”, “anti discrimination” “no hate” blah blah blah. ..
Who doesn’t want love to win?  Who wants to discriminate? Nobody.
But in reality these aren’t the issues. .
They already had equal rights. They don’t want equal rights they want extra rights. .. I have no problem with sharing a bathroom with a person who is male and is also confused about his or her gender.
I do have a problem with my daughter sharing a rest room with a man who doesn’t wanna face the fact he is a man…

Idk I could go in all day but don’t have time.  I hope you read this with an understanding mind and heart.

I love yall.. until next time.


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